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The Artisan Ehad Ha'am Project - Tel Aviv

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The Artisan Ehad Ha'am Project - Tel Aviv

According to the conservation plan the new structure will maintain the original character of the building and its facades will be restored and returned to their original state, according to tradition in which it was built. Even the unique window, the characteristic doors and the round porches will be returned to their original state by artists, artisans and craftsmen who specialize in the most advanced technologies of the restoration and conservation field. Residents will enjoy a central location in the heart of Tel Aviv and a real taste of ‘old Tel Aviv’, without having to give up the prestige, progress, and convenience offered by the boutique apartments.

The project offers 14 residential apartments including two-story house garden apartments, typical apartment with unique balconies and views overlooking the sea penthouse with terraces of 140 Sqm. There are  2,3,4 and 5 rooms apartments. All apartments are designed carefully and with technical specifications at the highest level. Each apartment has individual storage rooms and private covered parking spaces.

Prices Starting at 2.4M NIS.


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